February 10th, 2011


(no subject)

The sun rises and falls
And on goes the day
In every direction of the compass
We ride a tropical desert region
Traveling to a distant idea of time
And there is music

My ashes smoke the melodies of your love

Been accused of being confused
And I never denied it
It's the right or more wrong
In the world I'm a fallen angel
Within mine, I'm in hell

You never see me anymore
And that's all right
But you keep on saying you want more
Oh what more?
When you showed me the door

And it's your pride
You don't have to swallow
Now, all I want is time to recover

And I'm boiling over
Gotta let off some steam
Cause it's hotter than my hell
Could ever be

And it's all true,
You do like the others
Cause you're hotter than my hell
Could ever be
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