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“Nellie!” he exclaimed, with entire irrelevance, “I can't bear it much longer. I must see her.”

“What's the matter with the man now? How can you expect to see her when she is ill in bed?”

“I don't believe she is ill in bed. That man lied yesterday when he said so. I could see it in his face. Fools that we were not to insist upon seeing her!”

“Speak for yourself, my cousin. I hope that I have a stronger sense of good manners than to force my way into a man's house when he clearly shows his objection to my entrance.”

“I am almost certain,” said Gower, “that I heard a cry from the house as we stood there talking to him.”

“I heard nothing but the gobbling of the turkeys in the yard,” said Nellie.

“I know she is in trouble,” continued Gower, paying little heed to his cousin. "I have felt that trouble was near her ever since that day she left us so abruptly. Yesterday and to-day I have been unable to rest for the feeling that she is in need of help—in need of me. Last night she called me; I heard her as plainly as I now hear my own voice; and I was broad awake.”

“O, for heaven's sake, have done! Don't startle one out of one's wits with your queer notions!”

“I beg your pardon, Nellie. I didn't mean to startle you.”

“There, now, you are huffed. Unlucky me! I am always putting my foot in it. Gower, don't be cross.”

“I'm not cross, Nellie. And you are the only one I have to speak to about her. I must go to her if this thing continues.”

“And suppose you see her, what then?”

“I will persuade her to come away with me.”

“O, you will? Have you said anything to her, may I ask?”

“I have asked her to go away with me, if that's what you mean.”

“O, you have? And what did she say?”

“She cried, poor thing, and talked of the sin of it; as if it would be so great a sin as wearing her life out with that man whom I know she hates.”

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